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County closes loophole in adult entertainment law
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Forsyth County News

FORSYTH COUNTY — Among the ordinance changes the Forsyth County commission approved Thursday night was one prohibiting adult novelty stores in the county.

A second measure will allow the commission chairman to declare a state of emergency in the county.

The votes came after the second of two required public hearings for both measures, although no one spoke in favor or against either.

The first public hearings on them were held Aug. 7, and also failed to draw public comment.

County Attorney Ken Jarrard said the adult novelty measure was intended to “close a loophole” in the local adult entertainment ordinance by extending the definition of “adult entertainment establishment” to include commercial businesses selling or renting such items.

Chris Grimes, assistant director of the county’s Emergency Management Agency, said the second ordinance change was needed to allow the chairman alone, without a vote of the entire body, to declare a state of emergency following an event such as a natural disaster or terrorist attack.

If the chairman was unavailable, that power would defer to the vice chair.

Grimes said the ability to quickly declare a state of emergency is needed to insure the county would be able to receive state and federal assistance during such an event.