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County joins EPA program
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Forsyth County News

Want to save water for future generations and lower your utility bills?

That’s just what the Forsyth County Water and Sewer Department is working with the Environmental Protection Agency to help consumers do.

The county is participating in the EPA’s WaterSense program, which aims to reduce indoor and outdoor water use through efficient products and saving practices.

Customers are encouraged to look for products with the WaterSense label. The products are certified for efficiency and performance and promote water-saving techniques that reduce stress on water systems and the environment.

Forsyth County Water and Sewer Director Tim Perkins said in a statement that the department looks forward to "working with our customers to continue improving water efficiency awareness and promote WaterSense-labeled products and water-saving practices."

“Forsyth County really tries to encourage water conservation," he said. "We currently offer a rebate program for replacement of older, inefficient toilets. That rebate program helps make conserving water beneficial to our customers.”

Sheila Frace, director of the EPA office of water’s municipal support division, said the program’s goal is to help Americans save water and money by "offering simple ways to reduce water use through water-efficient product choices.”

“Using water more efficiently can help delay the need to create more supplies, saving communities money and resources, as well as ensuring that water will be available for future generations,” she said.