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Eight Forsyth County businesses cited for underage alcohol sales

FORSYTH COUNTY — Employees at eight businesses in Forsyth County were cited for selling alcohol to minors during a routine undercover sweep Tuesday night.

Between 5 and 9 p.m., Forsyth County Sheriff’s deputies checked 31 stores along Bethelview Road and Atlanta, Buford and Canton highways, as well as Peachtree Parkway and in Lakeland Plaza.

Two of the businesses — Ducktown BP and Branchwater Restaurant — have been cited in the past, according to Epifanio Rodriguez, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office.

The following are the locations cited:

* Shell Food Mart, 2325 Atlanta Hwy.

* Publix No. 616, 4900 Atlanta Hwy.

* Branchwater Restaurant, 5820 S. Bond St.

* Ducktown BP, 4636 Canton Hwy.

* QuikTrip, 1655 Buford Hwy.

* BP, 3240 Peachtree Pkwy.

* QuikTrip, 3611 Peachtree Pkwy.

* Applebee’s, 4210 Johns Creek Pkwy.

Ducktown BP was also cited for not having an alcohol permit.

“Our goal is to make sure alcohol is not getting into the hands of the people it is not supposed to be in,” Rodriguez said. “There’s a reason the state has the age set at 21 years old.”

Rodriguez said these undercover sweeps are conducted randomly and routinely throughout the year.

The typical scenario involves a deputy in civilian clothing entering a business with an underage person. The minor attempts to buy alcohol and, if sold, the money and alcohol are returned.

According to the county ordinance, the employee who completes the sale, whether by failing to check the minor’s ID or by ignoring the underage birthdate, is issued to citation, not the business.

Any business that sells alcohol is subject to these sweeps, including gas stations, restaurants, bars and hotels.