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Facilities authority awaits next move
New group hasnt been needed yet
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Forsyth County News

The Forsyth County Public Facilities Authority still has no projects on its plate, nearly 10 months after forming.

The five-member body’s primary task is to act as a funding and financing tool for public facilities.

During its semiannual meeting Monday, County Manager Doug Derrer gave the group an update on some of the major facilities projects in the planning stages.

An animal shelter, new courthouse and a jail expansion were approved in the 1-cent sales tax referendum in November, but collections won’t start coming in until July 2013.

According to County Attorney Ken Jarrard, those are “the big acquisition projects that are under way.”

“The PFA just wants to see if anything might be coming its way,” he said.

The county has been exploring options to advance the funding of these projects, but hasn’t made any requests to the independent facilities authority to help with bonding or other mechanisms.

In early discussions, Derrer said officials considered the authority as a possible agent for bonding the animal shelter project.

However, the most recent consideration has been to borrow the money from the county’s general fund and pay it back when the sales tax revenue comes in, he said.

The jail and courthouse projects are being evaluated by a committee, which has contemplated bonding the money or borrowing in a structure similar to a construction loan through local banks, according to Derrer.

“We’re still in the process of exploring those options,” he said. “We’re not quite there yet because of where we’re at with the project.”

The selection committee is evaluating the proposals for a program manager and a request for architectural services has been put out, Derrer said.

The authority members did not discuss any funding possibilities.