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Father's Day brings boost to business
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Bryant Corral arranges fishing rods, a popular item for dad, Tuesday at Hammond’s Fishing Center in north Forsyth. Retailers are expecting business to pick up for Father’s Day. - photo by Autumn Vetter

Bryant Corral said his store carries items that can be found on almost any Father’s Day wish list.

“We’ve got a lot of stuff like coolers, boat electronics, rods and reels,” said one of the managers of Hammond’s Fishing Center in north Forsyth. “We have all the high-end brands, all the really manly clothing and toys that every guy puts on their wish list.”

The shop will be one of many likely to see big business for Father’s Day, which is Sunday.

According to a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, the average American is expected to spend more than $117 on dad’s gifts this year. That’s up 10 percent from last year’s holiday shopping patterns.

Total spending for Father’s Day is expected to reach nearly $13 billion across the country.

Corral said the store at Hammond’s Crossing has been preparing for the occasion.

“For Father’s Day, it gets very busy, especially on the weekends,” he said. “Fridays and Saturdays are very busy and then Sundays when everybody gets out of church, it gets quite busy too.

“For Father’s Day, about a month out, you start seeing people come through because a lot of stuff, a lot of the more popular items, will get sold out as you get close to Father’s Day.”

Steve Reid, manager of the Cumming Super Target on Market Place Boulevard, notices quite a difference between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day shopping patterns.

“I think compared to Mother’s Day, where the guys will typically shop last minute, yes, there’s more planned shopping for Father’s Day,” Reid said. “[Father’s Day] is definitely a more extended holiday than some of the others.”

Reid said the holiday provides a lift for the retailer.

“Father’s Day business does very well because with Target, especially Super Target, [customers] have the ability to buy all across the board for a dad,” he said. “Whether the dad wants a grill, a television, or a steak to put on the grill, he can get it all in one place.”

Similarly, at Hammond’s Fishing Center, there’s a wide range of gift ideas.

“We’ve sold quite a bit of barbecue stuff, a lot of sunglasses, guide trips [on Lake Lanier] are popular, hunting gear and bear-proof coolers,” Corral said.

At Target, Reid said electronics and sporting goods are big gift items.

“Televisions are always popular,” he said. “[Tablet computers] are always big, mobile phones are big, smart phones, gaming systems are big seller because … this is the first generation of dads who have played games all their life so that’s an in-demand item.”
He noted that golf items are also popular.

“If they want to golf, you can get the golf shirts and the golf clubs here and not have to go to multiple places,” Reid said. “It’s not just the hardware, it’s the fashion portion of it as well.”

He said the store carries a range of golf shirts in special fabrics that keep guys cool and dry as they hit the links.

“In Georgia, being dressed well for golf is important because of the heat.”

At Hammond’s, Corral said many women have picked up gift certificates for fathers.

“There’s a lot of, ‘I don’t know what to get.’ So if they’re unsure of anything, they can always get a gift card,” he said.

And, he noted, customers always seem happy to receive them.

“They’ll be like, ‘Oh, my wife gave me $200 so I need to find something,’” Corral said. “They’re very excited. It’s like they got an allowance for a new toy like a little kid. It’s funny.”

Reid said he sees a lot of actual eager children in the weeks leading up to the holiday.

“They get more excited for [picking out a gift for dad] it seems like than [buying for mom], maybe because they’re with mom and the shopping experience is a little different than with dad, where he typically does the shopping, but not necessarily with the kids.

“It’s the thought of going together and picking something out for dad that makes that gift special.”