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Firm plans to expand, add jobs
Plastics company to add facility, about 25 positions
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GMB Plastics plant supervisor Dave Mackey, right, shows Cumming Mayor H. Ford Gravitt how one of the company’s items is made. - photo by Jim Dean (previous profile)

A local plastics company recently announced an expansion, including about 25 jobs.

GMB Plastics President Martin Krauth said the company, which specializes in injection molding, has a plant in Cumming and another in north Forsyth.

Krauth said a new 10,000-square-foot facility is under construction to the west of the northern facility.

The expansion and improvement projects represent about a $1.5 million capital investment.

“We’ve already added about 30 new jobs over the past year, and with our expansion, we’ll be adding another 25 or so over the next couple of years,” Krauth said.

He added that renovations are planned for the Cumming plant over the next few months.

“We’ll be adding injection molding capacity,” he said, noting the project will include other interior upgrades.

GMB Plastics employs about 80 workers and specializes in contract manufacturing, said Jerry Ford, vice president of sales and marketing.

“Our primary customers are in health care, automotive, agriculture, consumer goods and sanitation,” Ford said.

He said the company produces about 300 different plastic items.

“Our total item list is about 900, but many of those are just different colors or other modifications,” Ford said.

During a tour of the Cumming plant Tuesday with Mayor H. Ford Gravitt and City Administrator Gerald Blackburn, employees were working on tubing for soap dispensers and joint brackets.

“It runs a wide gamut from very small items all the way up to car grills,” Ford said.

GMB Plastics was founded in 1988, and its two current facilities total about 45,000 square feet.