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Gallery welcomes late artist's brother
Kinkade shares insight in visit
Kinkade WEB
Patrick Kinkade, brother of artist Thomas Kinkade, speaks Saturday at Parsons Gallery. - photo by Autumn Vetter

Dozens of fans of a late artist got the chance to meet his brother Saturday.

Parsons Gallery organized the event with Patrick Kinkade, the younger brother of Thomas Kinkade.

Known as the “painter of light,” Thomas Kinkade was one of the most well-known artists in America. He passed away in April.

Mark Hill, executive vice president of sales and marketing for the Thomas Kinkade Corporation, said the visit was the second of its type.

“This is a new event we’re putting on, almost a retrospective of [Thomas Kinkade’s] work as seen through the eyes of his younger brother,” Hill said.

“Its intent is to provide collectors with real insight from what influenced Tom, who his mentors were, how he developed his craft.”

Hill said the Parsons Gallery was chosen as one of the first sites due to its success.

“We have 370 authorized dealers and 110 signature dealers, which are dealers that have 50 percent or more of their gallery dedicated to Tom’s work,” he said. “This is one of our signature gold galleries, which are the most prestigious in the country.”

Barbara Latham of Johns Creek said she enjoyed the chance to meet Patrick Kinkade and to see more of Thomas Kinkade’s work up close.

“I wanted to see his original brush strokes and his original works, and just treasure that his hands had touched them,” she said. “To meet his dear brother and hear that personal story was so special.”

The younger Kinkade showed several photos of himself with his brother as they were growing up, offering insight into their lives as children.

“What Tom had was a foil to play off of, someone to explore with, someone to enjoy the arts with. And, for better or worse, I was that foil,” he said.

He also talked about many of his brother’s artist influences, including Norman Rockwell and Andy Warhol.

Kinkade collectors Len and Shirley Greco of Lawrenceville said they are glad to see Patrick Kinkade continuing his brother’s legacy.

“We really wanted to be here to support him and hear the story,” Len Greco said.

Latham said she was “impressed” with Patrick Kinkade.

“You could tell how much he loved his brother and I enjoyed that he shared a very personal and realistic picture of the influences,” she said.

Hill, the Kinkade excecutive, said fans of the late artist still will have many opportunities to view new pieces.

“There is a significant body of unpublished work which the family is going to release,” he said, noting that he wasn’t sure of an exact number. “There’s no end in sight, is the best way I can put it.”

That’s good news for collectors like the Grecos, who said they have about 27 of his original works.

“When you look at his paintings, they inspire you,” Len Greco said. “They take you to places that spiritually you need to be, that emotionally you need to be.”