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Happiness coach to speak at south Forsyth library

SOUTH FORSYTH — Libraries are known to be places for quiet and reading, but one library in Forsyth County soon will be a place to find happiness.

Gia Ganesh, a career coach, will present her new seminar called “Finding Happiness in a Noisy World: What it Takes to Lead a Happy and Fulfilling Life” at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Sharon Forks Library on Old Atlanta Road.

Admission is free, but advance registration is requested.

“In this seminar, we’ll talk about what is holding you back from feeling happy in life and how to overcome the common obstacles to happiness,” Ganesh said.

She should know. Ganesh said she went through a period of career burnout and unhappiness herself in going down a “traditional educational and career path” and working in large companies for 15 years.

“Outwardly, I had a great job title, benefits and perks. But inwardly, I felt restless and, at times, empty. I knew there was something more but could not figure it out,” she said.

Ganesh earned two masters degrees, an MBA from Georgia Tech and an MIS from Kennesaw State University in an effort to find a perfect career.

Now, as a career strategist and coach, she offers clients career guidance and planning, helping them to design a career path that can help them feel rejuvenated, connected and happy in their life and work.

During the seminar, Ganesh will discuss seven common things that derail happiness and how happiness-enhancing habits can counteract those feelings.

For more information or to register, visit