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Here’s the new name for Country Folks Superstore
Country Folks Freedom Mill

Owners of a popular retail center in north Forsyth said they are rebranding the business.

This week, officials with Country Folks Superstore, located at 2730 Spot Road, said the business would soon be renamed Freedom Mill to keep up with their values and to better describe the location.

“Country Folks Superstore, that’s what we started with, but offer so much more than just for people who live in the country or do hobbies located in the country,” said co-owner Chase Wales. “We believe in freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to bear arms and protect yourself, so we’re just making a stance and letting the community know what we stand on.”

As for the mill portion of the name, it refers to the former mill at the site, which Wales said was among the oldest buildings in the county.

“Of course, we’re the old mill in Coal Mountain, which to my knowledge is the oldest free-standing structure in Coal Mountain, possibly the entire county of Forsyth,” he said.

While the store has long sold guns, boots and other “country” items, in recent years the business has expanded to include arcade games, ax throwing to selling electric bikes.

“It’s just new growth, and behind that growth, we’re trying to create a brand that lets everybody know our belief,” Wales said.

In addition to the name change, Wales said the location will also part ways with the Dickey’s Barbecue Pit on-site for the new Freedom Family Grill.

“We’re going to do handmade burgers, tacos and salads,” he said. “Then something that was kind of neat that was in this area years ago with the Meal House, we’re going to do  meat-and-three-vegetable plates. We’ll have daily specials, so we’re really looking forward to bringing that back to north Forsyth.”

No food will be sold Feb. 17-23 as the changes are made.

“We’re 35,000-square feet of fun,” Wales said. “We’re sticking to those values and thanking the Lord each and every day for where we are at.”