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Library panel reviews banking contract
Decision unlikely until September
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Forsyth County News

It will likely be September before the Forsyth County Public Library Board decides which bank to use for the upcoming year.

The library system currently uses Bank of America, but the board is deciding whether to make the same switch as county government to United Community Bank.

Tim Plotner, who participated in Tuesday’s meeting by teleconference, was opposed to the switch.

"We don’t have a compelling reason to change," he said. "I think it’s wiser to stick with Bank of America."

Currently, Bank of America is supposed to be charging fees to the library, said Assistant Director for Support Services Anna Lyle.

For whatever reason, however, there have been no fees charged.

The board directed Lyle to find out if the system will be assessed fees in the future if it stays put.

Library Director Jon McDaniel recommended the switch to United Community Bank, saying the board shouldn’t "sever our connection with the county."

"If we were to distance ourselves from them, we probably wouldn’t jeopardize that relationship, but we probably won’t help it either," he said.

The fee conversation was also a part of the county’s decision to switch to United Community Bank, which originally planned to charge $50,000 in annual bank fees.

However, it decided to waive the first year of fees to the county, along with offering a renewable annual contract.

The same consideration would be given to the library board, but chairwoman Mary Helen McGruder said she is looking to the future.

"I’m concerned about the no fee for one year — which has been very, very specific — and we don’t know what they’ll do in years two, three or four," she said. "And we have no control over that, as opposed to negotiating our own contract where we do control the fee structure."

The library board will make a final decision in September, after learning how Bank of America will handle future fees.