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Library reinvests in financial workshops
'Something for everyone' in money-focused topics
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For a full list of the Smart Money Week workshops, go to Courses will be held on varying days and times throughout the library system, which includes: Cumming, 585 Dahlonega St.; Hampton Park, 5345 Settingdown Road; and Sharon Forks, 2820 Old Atlanta Road.

For the second year in a row, the Forsyth County Public Library System will present a series of financial workshops.

As part of Money Smart Week, which runs April 20-27 and is sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, the library will present a series of free classes and activities designed to help consumers better manage their personal finances.

Cleo Slaughter, with the Sharon Springs library branch, said the series will offer a range of money-focused topics for all ages.

“We really do try to have something for everyone with these big program series that we do,” she said. “Even for the little little ones, we have financial-themed storytimes. We have [programs] for elementary ages, and we’re having a teen speaker come in and talk a little about banking and basic finances for teens.”

As for adults, Slaughter said the series offers “all kinds of stuff.”

“Whether you’re a small business owner or looking to start a small business; whether you’re approaching retirement or you haven’t even begun to think about retirement, there’s something for you,” she said.

Other sessions will focus on budgeting since Slaughter said “that’s such a big thing right now.”

“So we have grocery shopping on a budget, just a basic budgeting class, and then also some smart finances kind of stuff,” she said.

Library system officials wanted to present a financial workshop series again after last year’s successful run.

“It was great,” Slaughter said. “All of the programs were well attended and we really tried to offer something for all ages, which worked really well for us so that’s what we’re planning to do again this year.”

According to Slaughter, the classes also provide a change for the library to address topics that staff members often are asked about.

“We get a lot of questions in the library about financial books or taxes or investments and things, so this is really a way for us to expand on the physical collection and our online offerings with in-person programs,” she said.

The series kicks off Sunday afternoon and continues with classes at all three library branches throughout next week.

A full listing of the courses and programs can be found on the Forsyth County Public Library System’s Web site at

Some of the programs for children require advanced registration online, but all of the adult courses are “just come on in to what you’re interested in and we’ll have a seat for you.”

Library staff members are excited to offer the weeklong series.

“As a public library we pride ourselves on lifelong learning and lifelong education,” she said. “And financial topics, especially in today’s economy, are so important for everybody.

“It’s important to learn young to start saving, and it’s important to remind yourself as an adult to be smart about what you do with your money.

“So we really want to provide that kind of needed education on topics that people are interested in.”