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Local business initiative extended
Firms receive boost on bids
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More information about the Forsyth County Local Business Initiative can be found on the county’s Web site at under the Procurement Department listing.

Local companies will remain better positioned to do business with Forsyth County in the new year.

During a recent meeting, county commissioners voted to extend the county’s local business initiative through Dec. 31, 2013.

Under the initiative, firms within Forsyth vying for contracts are given a boost.

Essentially, if two companies compete for a project, the county would choose the local business’s bid as long as it was not more than a certain percentage higher than that of an out-of-county firm.

The initiative has been in place since April 2009. According to Donna Kukarola, the county’s procurement director, it seeks to return as much taxpayer money to the local economy as possible.

“The program’s goal is to provide more opportunities for local businesses to conduct business with the county government,” she said in a statement. “Forsyth County purchases a wide variety of materials, equipment and services, so there are opportunities for all types of companies to do business with the county government.”

The local business initiative applies only to projects with a total cost of less than $500,000.

Vendors seeking to qualify for the program will be required to show through an affidavit that they satisfy all of the requirements. That affirmation must be provided each time they submit a bid, quote or proposal.

Those requirements include: a banking relationship with a local branch; the principal office location must be in the county; and at least 33 percent of the employees must live in Forsyth.

The company must also hold a valid business license from the county and have no outstanding or unresolved fees, fines or penalties with Forsyth.

For solicitations of less than $500,000, a qualified local business that submits a responsive and reasonable price could receive a local preference credit of 5 percent.