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Mascot no longer missing
Costume turns ups along road
The Menchie Man costume has been found. - photo by Submitted


The two-week search for Menchie Man has ended with the news he had been found on a busy south Forsyth road.

The Menchie’s frozen yogurt costume was reported stolen from a trailer parked behind the Cumming shop on Nov. 5.

It was discovered, in perfect condition, along Ronald Reagan Boulevard.

Franchise owner Rodd Seigel said Friday that a passing motorist found the costume's big red carrying bag days earlier in the middle of the road.

“She was just going to move it off to the side of the road [until] she saw the mascot in there," he said.

"She put it in the van, took it home and she said it’s in her 13-year-old daughter’s bedroom sitting in the chair.”

Menchie Man, a cartoon-like frozen yogurt swirl, is the mascot for the franchise, which has locations in more than 21 states and five countries.

“She had it and she didn’t know it was ours,” Seigel said. “She said she saw it in the newspaper ... called up [Friday] morning and said she was going to bring it by the store.”

The woman was rewarded with a free cup of yogurt every week for a year, and her daughter received some gifts for letting the character stay in her room.

She “got a little Menchie Man doll ... and some goodies,” Seigel said.

“It turned out good because we got Menchie Man back.”