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Metal firm will add 30 jobs
Lanier Tech, Quick Start to assist with expansion
Metcam President Bruce Hagenau, left, visits with Lanier Technical College President Russ Vandiver as they tour the Metcam facility in south Forsyth. - photo by Jim Dean

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A south Forsyth metal fabricating company signed an agreement Tuesday with Lanier Technical College and Georgia Quick Start that will aid its expansion.

Metcam Inc. will use the services of Quick Start and Lanier Tech for training as it adds 30 jobs in its advanced metalworking operation.

Quick Start is a division of the Georgia's technical college system that helps businesses grow and bring jobs to the state. It provides free, customized training to qualified new, expanding and existing businesses statewide.

Metcam, located on Tidwell Circle near the Fulton County line, employs about 160 people in its 93,000-square-foot facility.

Bruce Hagenau, Metcam's president, said the facility creates precision sheet metal components and assemblies for original equipment manufacturers such as AT&T, Siemens and Tyco.

The facility's metalworking capabilities include laser cutting, punching, forming, hardware insertion, traditional and robotic welding, powder painting, silkscreen and assembly.

Hagenau said the 22-year-old company uses some 10 million pounds of steel a year, but has a focus on environmentally-friendly practices, for which it has won several state awards.

Metcam has worked with Georgia Quick Start to provide training and development to the 30 new employees, and to help streamline the company's overall operations.

Mike Grundmann, director of northern project operations for Quick Start, said Metcam's plan will include "leadership, development, training and lean manufacturing."

Jerry Ward, Metcam's vice president, explained that the lean program works to help manufacturers streamline processes.

"They take all the wasted time out of the process and make sure all the employees have all the proper tools they need where they need them," Ward said. "It's all about eliminating waste."

Grundmann said training classes for Metcam's employees, for which Quick Start will provide all materials and instructors, will begin soon and likely last through September.

The overall Quick Start plan is scheduled to wrap up in December.

Lanier Tech will work with Metcam after the Quick Start plan ends to provide ongoing training and other support as needed.

Hagenau thanked both partners for their assistance.

"They've provided a great plan to help Metcam move to the next level," he said. "Lanier Tech will also be a great resource to help us refine our skills over time."

Russell Vandiver, president of the technical college, said he and other school representatives "look forward to working with Quick Start and Metcam." 

"We're very excited for you to bring more jobs to Georgia," Vandiver said. "[Technical colleges] have always been lifelong partners for workforce development, so this is a great day for us."