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Milton golf club community may expand into southwest Forsyth
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Forsyth County News

SOUTH FORSYTH — An exclusive private country club neighborhood in Milton is looking to expand into Forsyth County.

The county planning board will listen to public opinion on Jan. 27 before deciding whether to recommend the approval of a rezoning application that would bring an additional 62 lots to The Manor Golf & Country Club.

The 33.63-acre space would be rezoned from a single family residential restricted district, or R2R, to a master planned district, MPD, with a density of 1.84 units per acre.

However, the applicant, WDW, requested a variance to reduce the commercial and office use — required in an MPD — from 25 percent to zero, meaning it would be only residential.

The property — located just west of the western dead end of Rogers Road on Watsons Bend, an Alpharetta mailing address — is surrounded by either the golf course or the Forsyth-Fulton county line. This has led to a potential intergovernmental agreement to allow the city of Milton to provide fire, police and other services.

The site is in District 3/west Forsyth. Greg Dolezal, the district’s representative on the planning board, said the property owner intends to sell homes whose prices start at $700,000-$800,000 to an age range near or in retirement.

This would lower the number of Forsyth County school buses that would need to cross county lines, but Dolezal also said anyone would be permitted to buy a home there.

The board also discussed whether to change the rezoning from an MPD to a Res-3 single-family residential district. Required minimum lot sizes for an MPD are 8,400 square feet, while Res 3 lots must be at least 10,000 square feet.

Board members also considered a requirement that the new homes be enforced under the Manor homeowners association’s rules, which stem from Milton, and require active open space by turning four lots into a park.