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North Forsyth commissioner tapped to chair ACCG committee
Cindy Jones Mills

NORTH FORSYTH — A Forsyth County elected official has been selected to discuss issues for all of Georgia’s counties with the state.

Commissioner Cindy Jones Mills was named the 2015-16 chair of the General County Government Policy Committee for the Association County Commissioners of Georgia.

Mills said she was grateful for the opportunity, given her relatively short term as a commissioner. She was elected to the District 4 post in 2012.

“To be in my third year and to be asked to have a job with this much responsibility on behalf of the ACCG, which represents all the commissioners in the state of Georgia, it’s very humbling that they would ask me to take on this position of leadership,” Mills said. “I’m very grateful.”

The association is a nonprofit that helps provide leadership, services and programs for Georgia’s 159 counties. The policy committee reviews legislation and offers input to state lawmakers.

“We have conference calls every week during the legislative session, where we review all legislation that has to do with county government,” Mills said.  “The staff with ACCG, the policy staff, goes over all legislation and we take positions either neutral, for or against legislation that’s before the legislature.

“We’re right in the midst of what’s going on with the legislators during their session.”

At a meeting that will be held this summer, Mills and the rest of the group will discuss what issues they want to tackle.

“We develop our policy and our stands on things. And then if we have issues that we want to bring forth, we ask the legislators to bring [them] forth,” Mills said.

She added that one issue of local interest that falls under the group’s guidelines has emerged.

“New cities,” she said, “… which is interesting with the [proposed] city of Sharon Springs [in south Forsyth] coming forward. That’s one thing.”