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Opponents secure less-dense zoning for south Forsyth subdivision
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Forsyth County News

SOUTH FORSYTH — The zoning granted a proposed subdivision in south Forsyth may please neighbors more than developers.

On Thursday, the Forsyth County commission voted 5-0 to approve the rezoning of 90 acres on South Clement Road from agriculture district, or A1, to single-family residential, or Res2, which will yield somewhere near 125 homes.

The site sits between the Creekstone neighborhoods, just west of where Peachtree Parkway and Old Alpharetta Road fork.

Nearby residents, who fought for a Res2 zoning rather than a Res3, viewed it as a victory of sorts.

The Res2 zoning requires fewer units per acre than a Res3. As a result, it reduced the total number of homes from 189, which developers had sought.

Prior to the vote, the president of the Creekstone Estates Homeowners Association urged the commissioners to support the Res2. David Merwin cited traffic and overcrowding as reasons for their position.

“What helps solve all of our concerns? Res2,” Merwin said. “The reason why is because less density equals less homes, equals less traffic on our overcrowded streets and less kids in our overcrowded schools.”

The decision to have lower zoning could possibly lead to legal issues for the county. During a meeting last month of the planning board, attorneys for both sides hinted at potential legal action.

Thursday night, County Attorney Ken Jarrard informed the commission that he had received a constitutional letter from attorney Ethan Underwood, who is representing the development’s applicant Chris Kliros.

A condition requesting each home have a required minimum 3,000 square feet of heated floor space and a two-car garage with side entry was proposed by Commissioner Todd Levent, but died for lack of second.