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Restaurant to hold ping pong tourney
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Norman’s Landing’s Ping Pong Tournament benefitting United Way of Forsyth County will begin at 7 p.m. Oct. 23 and 24. The first night is singles play and the second is doubles. Cost is $20 per player. For more information, go to

A local eatery will raise money later this month for the United Way of Forsyth County.

Norman’s Landing Restaurant on Peachtree Parkway in south Forsyth will hold a ping pong tournament for the organization Oct. 23 and 24.

Owner Bill Norman said the tournament, which he holds at least twice per year to benefit various nonprofits, is always fun.

“There should be baseball playoffs on and all that good stuff, so we’ll have fun and make some money for United Way,” he said.

Play begins at 7 p.m. each night, with singles on Oct. 23 and doubles on Oct. 24.

“It’s the same program basically,” Norman said. “We’re giving away hats and T-shirts to everybody that plays. It’s single elimination on the first night and double elimination on the second.”

Cost to participate is $20 per player.

Norman said this will be the 33rd ping pong tournament his restaurant has held.

“That ping pong room has raised over $200,000 with all these ping pong tournaments the last 17 years, so we’re just trying to add to that for United Way,” he said.

The restaurant also holds a golf event each year for the local United Way office.

“We’ve done the golf tournament for 15 years for United Way and that’s a big thing for them,” Norman said. “So normally we try to do [ping pong] for somebody else, but I’d say we’ve done ping pong tournaments for United Way probably seven or eight times.

“That’s one of my favorite charities so we just try to put it on them.”