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Sawnee EMC announces rate reduction
Move second such drop since spring
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Forsyth County News

Many Sawnee EMC customers should see a reduction in their power bills through the end of the year.

Leaders of the cooperative announced that the board of directors recently approved a reduction in the wholesale power cost adjustment factor, which is a component in the way most bills are calculated.

Blake House, vice president of member services, said in a statement that the reduction is timely.

“This is very good news and provides a much needed break for our members, especially after this past summer when so many people had higher than expected energy usage,” he said. “Not to mention the fact that so many members continue to struggle financially.

“We know that many families are experiencing challenges in their lives and it’s a privilege to be able to help in any way we can.”

The reduction is expected to lower electricity rates for about 133,000 Sawnee members for November and December, leading to a total savings of more than $2 million over the two months.

This is the second such reduction for Sawnee customers in 2012. The first came in May at about $5.75 per month for the typical residential customer.

The current reduction, which went into effect on Oct. 31, is expected to further reduce energy bills by about $9.50 for the typical user.

However, the savings is based on use, so those who consume less energy may not see as great of a reduction in their bills as those who use more.

Michael Goodroe, president and CEO, said Sawnee prides itself on providing its members with cost savings whenever possible.

“Sawnee EMC is committed to the principles that make this organization great — cost controls and keeping member rates as low as possible — while still delivering world-class customer service,” he said in a statement.

“We know that energy cost increases due to environmental regulations, fuel cost swings and other factors are on our horizon. But for now we are proud to lower rates for the second time this year and we know it couldn’t have come at a better time as the holidays approach.”