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Sawnee reviews billing structure
Utility could change rates
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Forsyth County News
Within the next six months, electric bills could look very different for Sawnee EMC customers.

The electric membership corporation is reviewing its billing structure and studying possible revisions that would help it adjust to increased energy costs and environmental requirements.

Sawnee spokesman Blake House said the company hasn’t had a “major retail rate change in most of our retail rates since 1989, and many things have changed in the electric industry in the last 20 years.”

House said Sawnee is working to clarify the individual costs used in calculating a total bill. Details have not been finalized.

The bulk of the study is likely to be completed sometime in the fall, House said, and Sawnee’s board could decide on any changes by year’s end.

While the way in which customers are billed will change, there’s a chance some customers may not see a bottom-line difference on their monthly bills.

Regardless, House said federal mandates require the company to change how its rates are configured.

The proposed billing structure revision not only complies with current federal rules, but also will help with the transition as environmental bills are discussed at the congressional level.

“We also see a lot of stuff on the horizon with regard to green energy,” House said. “The best thing you can do is to be prepared, be involved, learn about it and prepare yourself to conserve energy, use less power and save yourself money.”

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