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Sawnees bills drop in December
EMC passes along savings
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Forsyth County News
Sawnee EMC customers will see a reduction in their December power bills, thanks to a measure recently approved by the utility’s board of directors.

The group approved a retail decrease effective Dec. 1 for the month of December.

Michael Goodroe, president and chief executive officer of Sawnee EMC, said in a statement that the utility was “pleased to be able to have this rate decrease, especially in this economy and just in time for the holidays.”

“For various reasons, we have experienced a reduction in our purchased expenses for the year and, as a cooperative, we pass these savings along to our members,” he said.

According to the statement, the rate reduction will occur in Sawnee’s rate schedule “R,” wholesale power cost adjustment factor, one of the various rates by which accounts are billed.

Throughout December, the rate will be reduced to $0 per kilowatt hour instead of the previous rate of $0.01224/kWh.

The reduction will generally affect all residential and many commercial customers among Sawnee’s more than 148,000 accounts in seven north Georgia counties.

It is projected that the reduction could cause users to see power bills that are about $18 less for every 1,500 kWh of energy used.

The actual savings will vary among members, depending on their level of use.

Blake House, vice president of member services, said in the statement that “electricity prices will probably go back up in January.”

“But for now,” he said, “we’ll take all of the good news we can get — no matter how short-lived it may be.”