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Some postage rates will rise on April 17
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A U.S. Postal Service price hike taking effect April 17 means it will cost more to send certain types of mail.

The rate for post cards will increase by a penny to 29 cents, while letters to Canada and Mexico will rise to 80 cents.

The cost to mail a first-class letter weighing less than an ounce will remain 44 cents, but items above that weight will rise to 20 cents per additional ounce, up from 17 cents.

Sharon Miller-White, customer service supervisor at the Cumming Post Office, said many customers may not notice the changes, because more than half of them use only 44-cent mail.

Christmastime could be an exception, she said, “when they are buying the odd-shaped cards and they have to pay for that second ounce.”

Still, it's unlikely to alter buying habits.

“I think people think like me. If I see a card I like, I’ll get the card and worry about the [shipping] price later,” Miller-White said.

She added that the new pricing likely will affect business customers the most.

Prices will also change for parcel post, which U.S. Post Office spokesman Greg Frey said “is more economical and generally, slower.”

The increase varies based on package weight and distance shipped. A 1-pound package could cost 20 to 51 cents more to send, depending on its destination.

Frey said the move follows a shift in more people using priority mail with flat-rate boxes.