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Tax-free weekend begins Saturday in Forsyth
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FORSYTH COUNTY -- The annual state tax-free shopping weekend will begin Saturday, allowing back-to-school shoppers the chance to stock up on selected items such as clothing and computers without paying sales tax.

The holiday will begin on July 30 and end on July 31 and will apply only to items that fall under the categories of clothing, computers and school supplies.

In order to be purchased with no sales tax added, clothing must have a sales price of $100 or less per item. Computers, computer components and software purchased for non-commercial home or personal use must have a price of $1,000 or less per item.

Additionally, school supplies purchased for non-commercial use must be priced at $20 or less to be exempt from sales tax.

According to the Georgia Department of Revenue, certain items from each category are not exempt from sales tax during the holiday.

Clothing items exempt during the holiday include but are not limited to athletic clothing, baby clothing, bathing suits, costumes, belts, formal wear, underwear, diapers and suits.

The clothing exemptions do not include handbags, jewelry, sewing materials, umbrellas, cosmetics, wallets, watches and other items.

For the computer category, tax-free items include but are not limited to: computer batteries; computer cables; compact disk drives; computers including electronic book readers and laptops; desktop, handheld, tablet and tower computers consisting of a central processing unit; random access memory and a storage drive; data storage; hard drives; printers; and pre-written computer software.

Not exempt are computer items including but not limited to regular batteries, CDs, DVDs, cellphones, game systems, digital cameras, surge protectors and televisions.

School supplies exempt from sales tax include but are not limited to folders, binders, crayons, glue, notebooks, lunchboxes, book bags, calculators, pencils, papers of various types and textbooks.

The school supplies exemptions do not include briefcases, janitorial supplies, medical supplies and other items.

For a complete listing of items that are exempt or not exempt from sales tax during the holiday, visit