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Two employees caught selling alcohol to minors in east Forsyth

EAST FORSYTH — Two gas stations were cited in a recent undercover sting that revealed an employee knowingly sold alcohol to a minor.

According to the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office, the Chevron at 2595 Buford Dam Road and the Shell gas station at 1739 Buford Highway received the citations.

A 20-year-old male employee at the Chevron, located just east of Cumming, reportedly proceeded with a customer’s purchase of a six-pack of beer after checking the underage ID.

At the Shell just south of Cumming, a 53-year-old male employee did the same.

According to the sheriff’s office, operations such as these can occur at any time to any county business that sells alcohol, including gas stations, hotels, restaurants and bars.

Typically, an undercover deputy watches as a pre-assigned person younger than 21 attempts the purchase.

Both men were given magistrate court dates, and the beer and money was returned to the original owners.

The store owner is not held responsible unless he or she is the one allowing the sale.