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UDC changes made official
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Forsyth County News

FORSYTH COUNTY — Changes to Forsyth County’s unified development code for single family residential, or Res-3, performance standards have been approved.

Under the changes, which cleared the county commission 5-0, minimum lot size when connected to sewer rose from 10,000 to 14,750 square feet, and maximum density per acre from 2.1 units to 2.2 units. Minimum lot width was also increased from 65 to 70 feet.

A change in minimum open space for major subdivisions, which had been discussed, remained at 15 percent.

The changes were made as a compromise between the code adopted in 2013, and its predecessor.

The county’s planning board had requested the performance standards be a minimum lot size of 14,500 square feet, 2.5 units per acre, 15 percent open space and 65 foot minimum lot width.

Supporters of the change said that it would bring in more money for the county without causing stress to infrastructure.

“This is a beautiful area with many attributes, like the lake and other features, so let’s grow gracefully,” Ron Munson told the commission during its meeting Oct. 2.

“Growth and expansion is healthy, but we need to be sure to bring along revenue and the infrastructure steady, sane rate.”