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Utility seeks to return funds
Some people owed money
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Forsyth County News


The Cumming Utilities Department is trying to find people to whom it owes money from 2006.

Jon Heard, utilities director, said each year the department issues unclaimed property notices for people who are owed funds.

Each year’s set of notices are for unclaimed funds from five years prior.

Barbara Pitts, utilities comptroller, said about 60 names remain on this year’s list.

Another 20 have claimed their funds as a result of letters the department mailed out.

She said the amounts of money owed range from $5 to about $40. The total in unclaimed funds was more than $1,100.

“Most of them are $5 because often people will see [the past due amount], which is $5 more than their regular bill, and they’ll mistakenly pay that amount,” Pitts said.

Heard added some are deposits that should have been refunded after customers closed their accounts.

“Some of them closed their account with us, moved and left no forwarding address for us to refund their deposit to,” he said.

Pitts said if the funds are not claimed by Oct. 10, they must by law be sent to the state.

The list of those owed money is available for review at the department, located in the lower portion of Cumming City Hall.

It can also be accessed online at