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Woman on state council for animal group
Educates public about puppy mills
Raid WEB 1
Ann-Margaret Johnston shows a news article about her recent experience helping the Humane Society of the United States rescue more than 200 dogs and other animals from a puppy mill in South Carolina. - photo by Autumn Vetter
A local woman recently helped save hundreds of dogs living in deplorable conditions. Ann-Margaret Johnston, a certified public accountant in Cumming, was appointed earlier this year to the Georgia State Council of the Humane Society of the United States, or HSUS. Johnston said the group is the nation’s largest animal protection organization and not affiliated with local Humane Society offices. As a member of the state council, Johnston said she and her husband, David, had the opportunity last week to take part in a raid on a puppy mill operation in Johnston, S.C., near the Georgia state line.