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Busy intersection to get new type of turn signal
Second in county with flashing yellow
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Forsyth County News

Forsyth County’s second four-section flashing yellow traffic signal will be installed this week at Hwy. 9 and Majors/Shiloh roads. 

The effort is part of a new state Department of Transportation initiative to improve traffic flow for left turn lanes.

The first signal was installed last month at Hwy. 9 and Castleberry Road/Carolene Way.

Instead of being limited to turning only on a green arrow, motorists will see a yellow flashing light when it’s safe to turn after yielding to pedestrians and through traffic.

Bayne Smith, a DOT district engineer, said officials “believe this will help drivers wanting to make a left turn better understand when they can do so.”

“Our primary purpose is to reduce the often-devastating angle crashes that result when a left-turning vehicle is struck by oncoming traffic,” Smith said.

The new signal should be operational by 2 p.m. Tuesday. Teri Pope, a DOT spokeswoman, urged caution in the area as the new signals could take some getting used to.

“Please slow down and use extra caution as your drive through this area while motorists are getting used to the new flashing yellow arrow,” she said.

Pope has previously said the flashing yellow signals will be the “new standard” for locations with a high left-turn volume, traffic backups and related accidents.

“Eventually all signals will be like this,” she said. “But as we’re upgrading signals or putting in new ones, we’re replacing them with these.”