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Color scheme, fabrics revealed for Sharon Forks Library
Sharon Forks samples
In the adult area of the Sharon Forks Library, patrons will see mostly deep orangey-brown finishes once the remodel is finished. - photo by Isabel Hughes

The Forsyth County Public Library has unveiled the interior finishes for Sharon Forks Library, which is currently undergoing an expansion.

At a board meeting on Monday, representatives from McMillan Pazdan Smith, an interior design company FCPL has contracted with for the Sharon Forks redesign, presented board members with cloth swatches and color schemes for the library’s new rooms.

“We started almost exactly a year ago looking at the big picture of interior finishes for the library,” said Anna Lyle, FCPL’s director. “At this point, things are pretty much finally priced and we’ve narrowed it down to furniture finishes and all those fabrics.”

In the adult area, patrons will see mostly deep orangey-brown finishes, chosen in part to allow the library to use current bookshelves and other furniture that will match some new upholstery and rugs.

The carpet, which will be mostly shades of brown and orange, is intended to hide shoe marks and other stains from patrons while also emphasizing the existing wood tones within the library.

“This is the wood tile we’re working with throughout the building, which had a lot to do with the selections,” Lyle said.

Bright blues, reds, oranges and greens will be used as accent walls in the study rooms to make those areas pop, though the quiet area will have “more subdued tone-on-tone” fabrics and paints.

In the teen area, patrons will see carpets similar to those in the adult rooms to give young adults a more mature feel.

“It’s not a huge deviant from the adult [rooms],” said Elisa Walker, one of McMillan’s interior designers. “We talked about instead of being treated like larger children, they would like to be treated like the younger version of an adult, so we have very sophisticated but very trendy [choices].

“One of the trends we’re seeing for technology is the very punchy blue-orangey colors, so that was one of our under-riding themes — to make it feel a little more high-tech for them.”

The teen space will also have almost all new furniture, Lyle added.

In the children’s area, the rug gradates from bright colors to a neutral tone, with navy panels on the walls and navy and some green fabrics.

The room will also have acoustic paneling to catch and block the sound of the children’s area from going to the study rooms.

“I really like the work put in to differentiating the teen space from the children’s,” said board member Kristin Morrissey. “I want to go in that area and just hang out — I find it very inviting.”

The total library expansion is estimated to take about 13 months, with the library’s addition scheduled to open at the end of February 2018.