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Company strings Christmas lights for injured deputy
Rod Reeves
Rod Reeves

After a Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office deputy was injured by a suspected drunk driver, a local company has made sure his home is ready for the holidays. 

Deputy First Class Rod Reeves was injured as he sat in his patrol car on Ga. 400 early on the morning of Nov. 18, and is now recovering from his injuries. Reeves said he was surprised when he was in the hospital and found out The Outdoor Lights Inc., was putting up Christmas lights at his house.

“When I was in the hospital the first time, my wife called and told me that there were strange individuals walking around our house,” Reeves said. “I guess she got closer and saw they were putting up Christmas lights. It completely caught us off guard.”

General Manager Rickey Prewitt said the company was discussing ways to help when someone brought up an idea to install lights.

“As soon as I got that phone call, I actually rearranged the schedule and had a crew out there the same day,” he said. 

Within about five hours, the crew had lights, wreaths and garland up at Reeves’ home. 

“It’s just a continuing example of how this community supports its law enforcement officers, and we’re so blessed to be here,” Sheriff Ron Freeman said. “Here at this Christmas season, we see another example of a tremendous local company coming to help an injured officer.  Not only is it very appreciated, but I think it speaks volumes about our community.”

The lights are not the only support Reeves and his family have received. 

“My wife is still working a full-time job, so between that, taking care of the kids and also taking care of myself, she really hasn’t had time to prepare dinner at night,” Reeves said. “So, the community took it upon themselves to drop off dinners to make sure that we were fed [and] take that extra bit of work off her hands and alleviate a little bit of stress.”

Reeves, who is recovering from a second surgery due to the incident, said he was thankful for the community’s support.

“Throughout this entire process, I’ve yet to even ask for anything or even think of what I need before it is provided,” he said. “It’s taken us by surprise, and we’re just really thankful that we are members of the sheriff’s office and reside in Forsyth County. It’s support like we’ve never seen before.”

For those looking to help, Fraternal Order of Police Sgt. David P. Land Memorial Lodge 82 is hosting a bucket fund to raise funds for Reeves on Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon at intersections across the county.