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Construction starting again on Ga. 400 in Forsyth County
GDOT announces lane closures
400 Work 1 WEB
Construction crews are also preparing for the continued expansion of Ga. 400. - photo by Micah Green

Lane closure schedule on Ga. 400

* Where: McFarland Parkway/Exit 12 to Keith Bridge Road/Exit 17
* When: 9 p.m.-noon

* Where: Exit 17 to Exit 12
* When: 7 p.m.-5 a.m.


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FORSYTH COUNTY -- With many gearing up for the sunshine and warmth of the upcoming spring and summer months, construction crews are also preparing for the continued expansion of Ga. 400.

With Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) crews having started work Monday, the agency recently announced lane closures on both the northbound and southbound sides of the highway that run through Forsyth County.

“We have lane closures started again this month as construction season is upon us [due to] the good weather,” said Katie Strickland, a spokeswoman for GDOT. “On the southbound side, [closures] start at 7 p.m. and go overnight until 5 a.m., and that’s going to be from State Route 306 [Exit 17] to McFarland Parkway [Exit 12]. On the northbound side, it’s going to go from McFarland Parkway to State Route 306 from 9 p.m. all the way until noon — lunch — the next day.

“These closures were set up this way to compliment traffic on each side.”

Each closure will be one lane, and cones and barrels, along with “advance warning signs,” will be placed to give drivers notice of the shift, Strickland said.

The construction, which began in November 2015, is part of a $47 million project to widen Ga. 400 to three lanes on each side from Exit 12 to Browns Bridge Road (Hwy. 369), which will become Exit 18.

In October 2016, an eight-mile stretch of the highway on the northbound side opened, creating the additional third lane all the way to just north of Exit 14.

In early March, an additional 1.8-mile section of the northbound highway was opened to traffic, bringing the third lane through Bald Ridge Marina Road/Exit 15.

Strickland said the current northbound closures for the completed roadway, exits 12 through 15, are to accommodate crews who are doing shoulder work.

“From a safety standpoint, we’re always going to close more of the lane than we may actually need, because crews are working in the median,” she said. “Also, weather happens and even though those [lanes] are paved, we want to make sure everything is set.”

Northbound work, which GDOT had projected to be completed this spring, is on track, Strickland said.

“The end of May or beginning of June is when they’re expected to be able to open,” she said. “We’ve been able to compliment lane closures so the contractor can get more work done, and they’re now finishing up the northbound side.

“They’ve also already started work on the southbound side, so mid-2018 is when we should see [all] construction completed.”