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5 cited under new law
Super speeders face extra fines
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Forsyth County News
Five drivers have received “super” speeding tickets in Forsyth County since the state’s new law aimed at cracking down on excessive speeds took effect Jan. 1.

While they probably weren’t expecting to be pulled over by a Georgia State Patrol trooper for traveling at least 85 mph, even more of a surprise will be the additional penalty they’ll receive.

In addition to a speeding fine, those cited for traveling faster than 85 mph on any road or more than 75 mph on a two-lane road must pay an extra $200.

The additional funds are expected to generate as much as $23 million annually to improve the state’s struggling trauma care network.

Forsyth County Sheriff Ted Paxton said his office is “doing the same thing we’ve always done.”

“The super speeder law does not change, in any way, how law enforcement is enforcing traffic law,” he said.

Officers will write a speeding citation, which will then be sent to the Department of Driver Services. The department, in turn, will then review each ticket to determine if it qualifies under the new law.

“We don’t make the decision if the individual is going to get that extra fine,” Paxton said. “The person would go to court here and pays their regular speeding fine ... then [driver services] sends another bill to the individual for the extra $200.”

Susan Sports, spokeswoman for driver services, said details of the extra fine and how to pay it will be explained to violators in a mailed notice.

The additional $200 must be paid within 90 days or their license will be suspended. If that happens, an additional $50 fee will be assessed when they apply to have it reinstated.

Paxton said the number of citations should not rise or fall as a result of the new law.

“We still enforce traffic law just like we always have in the past,” he said.