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Accountability courts find home in law library
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Forsyth County News

The Forsyth County court system continues to make do with available space as it awaits the construction of the new courthouse.

The law library recently underwent a renovation to create office space for accountability courts coordinators.

The library, which is located in the court annex on Castleberry Road, grew a little smaller as an area was walled off for office space for employees assisting with the accountability courts.

The county is in the process of implementing a mental health court and misdemeanor drug court after it received a state grant earlier this year, which necessitated the added office space.

Law librarian Herb Donnelly reported to the board of trustees on the changes during a Friday meeting.

“We virtually have just about the same amount of space that we had before to work in,” Donnelly said. “It’s no imposition on us.”

Federal law books were taken to a storage room in the annex in marked boxes to make additional space, he said.

The board of trustees also received a draft of a summary of the legal process for non-attorneys. The members plan to review the document and resume discussion at the next meeting.

The guide is intended to be a free informational pamphlet for litigants representing themselves that briefly explains the court system.

Board members also discussed the progress of adding a representative of the Forsyth County Bar Association to the panel. An invitation has been extended to Kevin Tallant, president of the local association.

The current members include the chief superior court judge, chief state court judge, clerk of courts, probate court judge, solicitor general and a local attorney.