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Additional charges issued against Forsyth County couple in kidnapping incident
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New charges have been filed against a Forsyth County couple who were arrested early this week on kidnapping charges after an incident at a north Forsyth library.

According to Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Cpl. Doug Rainwater, Kamran Ahmad Shaikh and Maliha Shaikh were taken back into custody on Wednesday night charged with counts of false imprisonment.  

Kamran and Maliha Shaikh were first taken into custody on Monday, Sept. 23, at the Hampton Park Library after they allegedly attempted to force an adult male into their vehicle, according to authorities.

Kamran Ahmad Shaikh, left, and Maliha Shaikh have been charged with kidnapping after an incident at a local library turned violent on Sept. 23.
The sheriff’s office believes that the Shaikh’s arranged to meet with the man at the library on Monday, “in order to confront him about communication with and harassing Maliha [Shaikh].” But when the two parties arrived at the library, Kamran Shaikh allegedly “assaulted and attempted to remove” the alleged victim from his vehicle.

In a statement made to the Forsyth County News on Wednesday, the Shaikh’s denied that they had any intention of harming or kidnapping anyone during the incident, stating that they had come to the library to confront the man and acted in self-defense when the man pulled out a gun and began to act aggressively towards them.

"We were defending ourselves," Shaikh said. "I was literally walking to him with my hands up in the air saying, 'I just want to talk,' I didn't have a weapon ... he pulled a gun on my wife and bit her."

Kamran and Maliha Shaikh were booked into the Forsyth County Jail on Monday and were later released on Tuesday afternoon.

On Thursday Rainwater said that through additional investigation by the FCSO major crimes unit, detectives determined that additional charges were warranted for the incident.

Rainwater said based on the evidence and interviews investigators have done, the sheriff’s office is confident that Kamran and Maliha Shaikh were the aggressors in the situation.

“We are confident that this investigation is complete,” he said. “Unless additional evidence surfaces this investigation is closed.”

As of Friday morning both Kamran and Maliha Shaikh had been released from the Forsyth County Jail.