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Authorities probe peeping incident
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Forsyth County News

Authorities are investigating a possible Peeping Tom incident in north Forsyth.

According to a recent Forsyth County Sheriff’s report, a Green Summers subdivision resident thought she saw the circular lens and blinking light of a video camera outside her bathroom window.

The woman had just turned on her shower and shed her clothes when she saw the camera’s reflection in the mirror.

The woman’s husband ran outside after she screamed.

He told authorities he saw an older model sedan that was either silver or light blue leaving from about 50 yards away. He did not see the driver.

Sheriff’s Lt. Col. Gene Moss said the agency is taking the matter seriously.

"The case is under investigation," Moss said. "It appears at this point to be an isolated incident."

Moss said the subdivision’s Neighborhood Watch group was alerted about the incident and the sheriff’s office has increased patrols in the area.

The report of the incident, dated June 6, noted that "it appeared someone came from the area of the parked car, walked alongside vehicles parked in the driveway and then down to the rear fence."

From there, the tracks "immediately led back up to the driveway near the window of the master bathroom."

According to the report, a person would have to stand on top of something to see inside the window. Authorities found a sod roller with fresh, wet dirt and grass on it just below the window.