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Burglary crew has hit more than 30 homes
Authorities issue BOLO for blue van
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Forsyth County News

FORSYTH COUNTY — Authorities are on the lookout for a three-person burglary crew they say has been targeting Spanish-speaking families across Forsyth County.

“In the past four to six months we’ve logged over 30 different burglaries involving Hispanic families as victims,” said Doug Rainwater, a spokesman for the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office.

“We finally got a lookout recently on two Hispanic males and a Hispanic female driving a blue Honda odyssey van.”

The trio follows a similar routine each time.

“They knock on the front door, if somebody should come to the front door, they act like, ‘Well, we’re looking for a baby-sitter,’” Rainwater said.

“But if nobody reacts to the knock on the door from the inside of the house, they either break open a window in the front or walk around to the back end of the house.”

According to Rainwater, the woman usually stays in the van, while the men approach the home.

He added that the burglars are striking at times when families normally wouldn’t be home and taking items including cash, jewelry and other items.

“They are targeting Hispanic families by committing the burglaries during the week and on Sunday mornings when they believe they are at church,” Rainwater said.

“They’ve taken just a lot of different things that most burglars don’t take. In some cases they’re taking clothes, perfume and of course jewelry and cash.”

In an apparent attempt to not get caught, the crew varies its times.

“They may commit two burglaries one week, but then it’ll be two weeks before they hit again, so it’s not like it’s every week”

Authorities are hoping that knowledge of the group’s tactics, description and vehicle will help them be brought down.

“Now we at least have a possible van that they may be driving, so hopefully somebody may know who is driving that blue-colored Odyssey van and help us out.”