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Civil service board awaits appeal ruling
Ex-sheriffs deputies contest case dismissal
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Forsyth County News

Patience is a virtue for the Forsyth County Civil Service Board, which awaits the ruling of a Georgia Court of Appeals decision on whether to grant a hearing for 11 sheriff’s deputies terminated early this year.

During a Thursday meeting, board counsel Richard Neville said the 11 employees appealed only the Superior Court judge’s ruling in favor of Forsyth, but let the other order for the civil service board stand.

Visiting Judge Grant Brantley granted the motions by the county and the local civil service board to dismiss the case in an October order.

The deputies sought a court order to require a civil service board hearing, but Brantley ruled they had "other remedies available" to appeal their layoffs.

Though the board isn’t involved in the court appeal, Neville said the panel would likely be ordered to hold a hearing if Brantley’s ruling is overturned.

If the appeals court upholds the decision, the civil service board won’t be involved anymore. “I anticipate probably six to nine months for a final decision on that to be rendered,” Neville said.

The former sheriff’s deputies filed the appeal on Oct. 29.