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Dad accuses man of biting girl, 8
Charges have not been filed
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Forsyth County News

Editor’s note

The Forsyth County News is not naming the man accused of biting because he has not been charged.

A Forsyth County father is seeking legal action against a man who reportedly bit his daughter.

Paul Holbrook said he applied Friday morning in Forsyth County Magistrate Court for a warrant to arrest the man, who is the father of a friend of Holbrook’s 8-year-old child.

“I will take all my evidence before the magistrate court and we’ll present everything to the judge,” Holbrook said. "And once the judge sees it, then the judge can actually decide if there’s enough evidence that I presented to issue a warrant.

“If he does, then they’ll arrest him right then for battery.”

It could be about three weeks before their court date. In the meantime, Holbrook said he is trying to find a lawyer to represent him and his family in court.

The man Holbrook has accused declined to comment on the matter Friday.

Holbrook and his wife grew suspicious Aug. 29 when their daughter came home with a bruise on her left calf after spending the night at a friend’s house.

By that night, Holbrook said, it was clear the bruise included teeth marks. Their daughter did not explain what happened until the next day.

Holbrook said he first reported the incident to the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office.

“They say there’s not enough evidence to prosecute him or to press charges against him because he says he didn’t mean to hurt her,” said Holbrook, who is outraged by the turn of events.

Sheriff’s Capt. Frank Huggins said authorities took the incident seriously.

“We conducted a very thorough, two-week investigation and have turned the results of our investigation over to the Forsyth County Magistrate Court,” Huggins said.

Holbrook said the Forsyth County District Attorney’s Office and the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services also were involved in the probe.

As part of the investigation, he said, his daughter was given a physical examination, which determined she had not been sexually assaulted.

He said his family is relying on their faith to get them through the situation.

“We’re getting through it a day at a time,” he said.