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Ex-parapro pleads guilty to sexual battery

SOUTH FORSYTH — A former paraprofessional in the Forsyth County school system pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual battery and one count of simple battery against three boys under the age of 16.

Marvin Shane Pilcher, 26, was sentenced last month to 11 years of probation after making intentional “physical contact with the intimate parts” of two minors without their consent at an unknown time between October and November 2012. Both counts carried five years on probation.

The last year of probation stemmed from a guilty plea for intentionally making “physical contact of an insulting and provoking nature” by placing his “hand upon the upper thigh” of a third minor at an unknown date between Feb. 3 and Feb. 10, 2012, according to records provided by the Forsyth County Clerk of Courts office.

Pilcher graduated from South Forsyth High School and had worked for the district since 2009. He was employed at Riverwatch Middle School at the time of his arrest.

A letter the school district sent out to parents at the time of his arrest stated he was no longer employed with the system. He was a teacher’s assistant for special education and a certified paraprofessional.

Along with his probation sentence, Pilcher was ordered to surrender his teaching certificate, serve 120 hours of community service within one year and pay a $3,230 probation supervision fine. He posted a $5,610 bond to be released from his arrest. He is not allowed to have any form of contact with the victims or their families.

In addition, Pilcher must follow “special conditions of probation” as a sex offender, which includes completing a treatment program and sex offender evaluation. Each absence is punished by one week in jail.

He also must pay for costs of any of the victim’s mental health evaluations or counseling and cannot have any contact with anyone younger than 18 without approved supervision.

He cannot go anywhere his probation officer designates as a place where children may be present, including movie theaters, stores, schools, amusement parks, etc.

He also can’t leave Forsyth County without permission.

According to a previous FCN report, a cached online document of school clubs on Riverwatch’s website listed Pilcher as the sponsor for its chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, as did the Forsyth Dawson FCA website.

Forsyth County Superior Court Judge David Dickinson was assigned to the case.