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Father backs off, cites concern for daughter
Request for charges in biting incident dismissed
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Forsyth County News
A Forsyth County father has backed off seeking a warrant against another man who reportedly bit his daughter.

Paul Holbrook sought to have Kent Nelson arrested after his 8-year-old daughter came home with bite marks on the back of her leg Aug. 29.

The child had been to a sleepover the night before with Nelson’s daughter at his house.

The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office investigated the incident, but did not charge Nelson. Holbrook later applied for a warrant to have Nelson arrested on charges of battery and cruelty to children.

Forsyth County Magistrate Judge Pamela Boles dismissed Holbrook’s application after a hearing in October because the county in which the incident occurred was not documented.

A second hearing on the matter was scheduled Tuesday morning, but the application was dismissed at Holbrook’s request.

Peter Zeliff, attorney for Holbrook, said his client changed his mind about pursuing charges against Nelson out of concern for his child.

“Going to court was stressing her out and they didn’t want her to go to court again and possibly have to testify and be in that environment,” Zeliff said. “They just felt like their best shot was when they were in there last time.”

Zeliff said Boles’ ruling was “puzzling.”

Nelson represented himself in the October hearing.

Though he admitted biting the child, he said he did not intend to harm her. He referred to the incident as “horseplay” and said he was “emulating” a scene from the movie “Ghostbusters.” He said he also bit his own daughter.

Nelson said Tuesday he thinks the Holbrooks have done the right thing.

“It should’ve never gone this far in the first place if it was their children they were concerned about,” Nelson said.

“It is my belief there was more harm done by going through the judicial process than had this been resolved immediately with a conversation between both parties. And our children would probably be playing together this weekend.”

Nelson said he doesn’t think the families will be able to make amends, and that his daughter still asks to call Holbrook’s daughter.

While it is not clear if the Holbrooks will seek civil action against Nelson, he said it “probably would not be in their best interest.”

“There are always reciprocations that could be negative pending against them if they were to continue forward with that,” Nelson said.

After the October hearing, authorities had to restrain Holbrook and members of his family amid outbursts against Nelson.

Nelson did not say for sure Tuesday whether he would bring charges against the Holbrooks for their behavior in court.

“It’s called malicious prosecution,” Nelson said. “And everything would be explored.”

Nelson said he has not retained an attorney, though he did not rule out doing so in the future.