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Film catering employees suspected of meth trafficking arrested at Denmark
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Denmark High School in south Forsyth County (Photo by Emma Harding)

Authorities say that employees of a catering company were arrested and charged with trafficking in methamphetamine as they entered the campus of Denmark High School on Friday afternoon to serve a professional film crew that has been working on the campus over the last two weeks.

According to the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office, on Friday, Nov. 1, local authorities received word from another law enforcement agency that a vehicle which possibly contained a large amount of narcotics was traveling in Forsyth County.

The suspected vehicle was reportedly seen driving into the back parking area of Denmark High School. Deputies were immediately dispatched to make contact with the vehicle and its occupants, three catering company employees.

Through the use of a sheriff’s office K9 unit, deputies allegedly found a large amount of suspected methamphetamine inside the vehicle and detained the three suspects.

The arrest reportedly did not impact students or staff at the school, and none of the suspects entered the building. None of the suspects were armed or in possession of any weapons, authorities say.

Two of the suspects have reportedly been charged with trafficking in methamphetamine, which involves possession of 28 or more grams according to Georgia law.

The third suspect was determined not to be involved, according to Cpl. Doug Rainwater with the sheriff’s office.

Neither of the suspects charged have been identified.

Authorities say that the incident is still under investigation and more arrests could follow.

In an email to parents on Friday afternoon, Denmark Principal Heather Gordy stated that the individuals arrested by the sheriff’s office were external caterers that had been brought onto the campus to serve a film crew that has been shooting an unnamed feature film at the school over the last two weeks.

“Throughout the two weeks of filming the external catering company was contained to the auxiliary gym separated from students and staff,” Gordy said.

Film crews had been working at Denmark since Oct. 18, according to a previous letter by Gordy to the school’s staff and community. The school was partnering with the Cumming-Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce in an effort to grow the television and film industry in the county.

Filming was expected to occur during the school day in small, designated areas in the building apart from students and staff, Gordy said in the letter.

Filming at the school was scheduled to end on Monday, Nov. 4, but instead ended on Friday.

“Having a film company use our facility was a first for our school district and community,” Gordy said. “Our school district will thoroughly evaluate this experience.”