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Forsyth County Sheriff's Office Incident Reports May 20-25
Forsyth County Sheriff's Office

North Forsyth home burgled while owner was incarcerated

Last week, Forsyth Sheriff’s Office Deputies responded to an address off Jot Em Down Road in north Forsyth, in reference to a burglary that took place while a homeowner was incarcerated at the Forsyth County Jail.

According to an incident report from the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office filed May 21, a north Forsyth resident returned home from jail on May 20 and found that a number of valuables including a pistol, two crossbows, an Xbox 360 and a television had been stolen.

“When he arrived home he found the front door had been kicked in. The house was torn apart and security cameras as well as a base for a security system had been taken,” the report stated.

The report stated that none of the damage looked as if it had done recently, and due to the “time lapse and mess” inside the house, investigators decided that a crime scene investigation was not needed.

In the report, the homeowner stated that there were only two people outside his family that knew he would be in jail and that his house be un-occupied.

 Resident accused of stealing cab ride

On May 24, a Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office Deputy responded to an address off Timberbrooke Drive in north Forsyth to meet with a local cab driver who claimed that a female suspect owed him money for a trip to and from the Atlanta area.

According to a sheriff’s office incident report, the cab driver stated that at about noon on May 24, he transported the female to the Atlanta area, waiting for her while she entered several shops before transporting her back to Forsyth County. In the report, he stated that the trip took approximately 7 hours and would cost $200.

“He advised when he arrived back at the residence the female refused to pay him and ran into her house,” the report states.

In the report, the driver stated that the female would not answer the door, so he called the sheriff’s office.  

“I attempted to make contact at the front door of the residence and got no response. After a few minutes, a female appeared in the window, looked at me, and then walked away. After another attempt at knocking on the door, a female finally answered the door,” the report stated.

When the female answered the door, the deputy stated she seemed confused as to why he would be there, until the deputy explained that she had not paid her taxi fare. The female allegedly stated that she had forgotten about paying the fare and “would take care of it.”

Deputies noted that the female smelled strongly of alcohol and appeared unsteady on her feet.

Unable to pay the fare with a credit card, the report states that a deputy gave the female a ride to a nearby ATM to withdraw cash, but that she was unable to withdraw the money due to insufficient funds.

The report states that both parties were given a case card for the incident to be taken up in court at a later date.

 Swings stolen from north Forsyth

According to a Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on May 25 a Forsyth County Parks and Recreation employee reported to authorities that two green handicap swings had been stolen from Sawnee Mountain Preserve.

The report states that the swings were last seen in the park on May 24 at 6 p.m. and they were discovered missing at 8 a.m. Both swings are valued at a total cost of $1,000, the report stated.

No cameras are available at the park, according the park employee.