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Four suspects charged in beating
Boy attacked, robbed at shopping center

The weekend beating of a teenager at a shopping mall in south Forsyth has resulted in four arrests and may be linked to other recent crimes there, authorities say.

Roberto Emilio Basilio and Ayinde Kadeen Woodley, both 18, and Anthony Jason Riddle and Jose Luis Sotero, both 17, each face felony charges of theft by taking and robbery, as well as battery, a misdemeanor.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Basilio, Sotero and Woodley remained in custody at the Forsyth County Detention Center. Riddle was released Saturday after posting bond.

Bond for each of the four suspects, all of whom are from Forsyth County, has been set at $31,680, a jail spokeswoman said.

The investigation into the incidents is ongoing, and authorities said additional arrests are likely.

The beating occurred Friday night at The Avenue Forsyth on Peachtree Parkway.

Forsyth County Sheriff’s Maj. Dan Jagoe said deputies responded to reports that a 13-year-old boy had been attacked and robbed outside the movie theater by a group of teens ranging in age from 13 to 18.

He said the boy, whose name has not been released, was wearing a Gucci backpack with clothes and other items needed for an overnight stay at a friend’s house.

"Someone in the group thought the boy had money," Jagoe said. "He was attacked, beaten and robbed of his backpack. No weapons were used."

Jagoe said the boy’s mother took him to a local hospital, where he was treated and released.

He added that investigators have linked the case to two other reports made in the past week at the shopping center.

On Aug. 11, a 13-year-old boy reported that someone from inside a passing vehicle grabbed his hat while he was standing in front of the movie theater.

Jagoe explained that when the boy tried to retrieve it, someone pulled out what appeared to be a handgun.

Authorities have recovered the weapon, which Jagoe said they have determined is a pellet pistol.

"We feel very confident that we will be making arrests in that case, as well as in [a] sexual battery case," Jagoe said. 

Six days earlier, a woman reported she had been sexually assaulted while leaving a business at the mall.

Jagoe and Sheriff’s Lt. Col. Gene Moss said such incidents are not common at the Avenue, which has become a popular gathering place for teenagers since it opened in spring 2008.

"There’s nothing wrong with that as long as they follow the law," Jagoe said. "We have problems from the unsupervised teenagers that have no legitimate purpose for being there."

Moss said the shopping center’s management has agreed to enhance its security.

In addition, the sheriff’s office is increasing its presence at the mall, which he said will include undercover deputies and patrols on horseback.