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Gainesville man gets life sentence for dismemberment
Jose Garcia-Flores

GAINESVILLE — A Gainesville man has pleaded guilty and been sentenced to life without parole in the January murder of a Gainesville man at Sun Suites Hotel.

Jose Antonio Garcia Flores, 29, pleaded guilty to malice murder on Tuesday and was sentenced by Judge Andrew Fuller.

The man’s attorney, public defender Brett Willis, said the death penalty was on the table.

The dismembered body of Harmon Vonzell Lavender was found Jan. 10 at the hotel on Browns Bridge Road. The murder happened Jan. 7, according to District Attorney Lee Darragh.

Flores was indicted Jan. 29 after being arrested in New York City several days after the incident.

According to the indictment, Garcia-Flores seriously disfigured Lavender’s body “including his head, legs, hands, fingers, genitals and internal organs.”