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Hunt is on for mailbox vandals
32 homes hit in North Forsyth
This mailbox is one of several damaged Wednesday at the Bay Hill subdivision off Old Keith Bridge Road. - photo by Frank Reddy

Anyone with information about the mailbox vandalism in the Bay Hill subdivision can contact the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office at (770) 888-7308.
Overnight vandalism has left 32 northeastern Forsyth County residents scratching their heads.

Forsyth County Sheriff’s deputies arrived about 5:30 a.m. Wednesday at the Bay Hill subdivision off Old Keith Bridge Road, where someone reported a missing mailbox.

According to Capt. Frank Huggins, deputies found that “mailboxes on both sides of the street were either damaged or had been pulled up out of the ground.”

“Some of the mailboxes were up in trees,” he said.

David Brodin said he woke up that morning and couldn’t find his mailbox at all.

“Somebody threw it back in the woods,” he said. “Probably kids or something.”

Brodin’s wife, Karen, agreed.

“It’s just teenagers, I think,” she said.

Huggins said it appears no permanent damage was done, and the mailboxes can be replaced. Still, the search is on for those responsible.

“We take vandalism seriously, because if people get away with that they might try something more aggressive,” he said.

Bay Hill resident Donna Williams, who was out of town, found out about her uprooted mailbox from her house sitter.

“I got a call first thing in the morning,” she said. “[My house sitter] said police were knocking on doors at 6 a.m.”

It’s the second time Williams will have to buy another mailbox because of vandalism. She said her box stand was “broken in half” several months back.

“For the most part, though, the street’s pretty quiet,” Williams said.

David Brodin agreed.

“Yeah, we’ve never had a problem here, just dogs barking. That’s about it.”

Brodin said he took some consolation knowing he wasn’t the only one with a busted or missing mailbox.

“Otherwise, I would have been like, ‘What did I do to deserve this?’ I would have thought I was singled out,” he said.

Huggins said mailboxes weren’t the only things tossed around early Wednesday in the neighborhood near Lake Lanier.

“A complainant also said ‘for sale’ signs had been relocated in front of homes that were not for sale,” he said. “All of the residents that were canvassed said they did not hear or see anything during the night.”

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