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Last suspect in home invasion sentenced
Men hoped to recoup stolen drug money
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Forsyth County News

The last of three men involved in an October home invasion in Cumming entered a guilty plea in Forsyth County Superior Court on Thursday.

Yusef Davis, 26, received a 15-year sentence, of which seven will be served in prison and the remainder on probation, for one count of robbery.

Davis was indicted on charges of armed robbery, aggravated assault, theft and first-degree burglary, but those were reduced to the robbery count in the negotiated plea.

His sentence is the same as that given to fellow participant Shaeem McLaren, 20, who pleaded guilty to robbery May 17.

The third person charged, 21-year-old Robert Nash, received 15 years with five to be spent in prison for his plea last month.

Nash reportedly drove the car and did not enter the home during the Oct. 9 afternoon robbery in the Adair Park subdivision.

A resident was allegedly held at gunpoint and pistol whipped, according to Cumming police.

The three men, all of Cumming, were accused of taking money, jewelry, an iPod and Playstation 3 gaming system from the Clayton Circle home while armed with a handgun.

During McLaren’s plea hearing, he said the home had been targeted at the urging of a friend.

That friend had previously given McLaren $2,000 to buy marijuana, and McLaren was robbed at gunpoint in a parking lot by a man he knew only as "Jay," he said.

Upon finding out that the money had been stolen, McLaren said that friend told him to rob a different man he believed to be a marijuana dealer to recoup the loss and showed him the house.

McLaren stated in his plea that his two friends offered to help and Davis was the one who held the gun.

According to Davis’ sentence, he must also pay a $6,355 fine, complete 120 hours of community service while on probation and pay restitution to the victim.

He also cannot have any contact with McLaren, Nash or the Adair Park resident.