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Latest incident reports from the sheriff's office
Forsyth County Sheriff's Office

Alleged DUI driver strikes trees, trashcans and mailbox 

On March 22, a Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office Deputy responded to a single vehicle accident in Cumming and found that an allegedly impaired driver had run over a mail box, trash cans and across a yard while making a U-turn. 

A woman who witnessed the incident stated in the report that after hearing a loud crash she came outside in time to see the Grand Prix driving on her neighbor’s lawn, striking a tree and nearby garbage cans.

According to an incident report, upon arriving at the scene, the deputy found the driver of a black Pontiac Grand Prix “extremely agitated. “ 

The deputy stated in the report that the driver allegedly yelled several statements, including, “I can’t believe she called the cops on me,” and “No, you calm down” when he was asked to calm down by the deputy. 

When asked where he was coming from and going to, the driver allegedly told the deputy, “none of your … business,” the report stated.  

In the report, the deputy stated that while speaking to the driver a “distinct, moderate to strong odor of an alcoholic beverage” could be smelled, but the driver denied drinking any alcohol. 

“[The driver] told me that I should leave because I had no business being in his neighborhood. I explained to [the driver] I was investigating the circumstances of the accident,” the report stated. 

The report adds that upon inspection of the Gran Prix, an empty red and white cup was found that smelled strongly of alcohol. 

The driver was placed under arrest for driving under the influence, open container, failure to maintain lane, and attempting to misrepresent a tag, among other charges and was taken to the Forsyth County Jail. 

Lumber, building materials stolen from construction site 

Forsyth County authorities are currently searching for suspects responsible for stealing thousands of dollars in building materials from a west Forsyth neighborhood. 

According to a series of Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office incident reports from March 22 and 27, the spokesman for a neighborhood in West Forsyth, currently under construction, reported that hundreds of 2x 4 and 2x6 boards, bundles of plywood and pieces of subfloor, and a window were stolen from several different addresses between March 19 and 24. 

In the first report filed on March 22, a deputy stated that “due to the recent weather there were no footprints visible in the mud and around the construction site.” 

The reports state that no suspects were readily available to deputies. 

Alleged hit and run ends in physical altercation with deputies

On March 23, Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the scene of an accident with possible road rage between a car and an SUV, and found the male driver of the SUV, sitting in his vehicle. 

“We ordered him out of the vehicle, not knowing if he was the person with the gun. We had to give several commands to the male to comply,” the report stated. 

The report states that when the driver finally exited the vehicle, and the deputies attempted to handcuff him, he grabbed onto one of the deputies vest and refused to let go. 

Deputies “gave verbal commands for him to let go,” and another deputy tackled the driver to the ground. 

According to the report, the driver smelled strongly of alcohol and explained that a, “Cadillac cut him off and he hit him.” 

While the deputies were interrogating the driver, another vehicle pulled up to the scene and claimed that the SUV had also struck their car and fled the scene of the accident, the report state. 

The driver was then charged with DUI, following too closely, hit and run, and obstruction, and taking to the Forsyth County Jail.