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Lawsuit filed against former Forsyth County sheriff’s office spokesman
Frank Huggins
Frank Huggins - photo by File photo

A former Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office spokesman currently awaiting trial in the Forsyth County Superior Court for charges of sexual assault and battery now faces a civil lawsuit in district court for allegedly violating a 16-year-old’s rights to bodily privacy.

According to the civil complaint filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, Frank Augustus Huggins, 74, of Cumming is accused of violating a 16-year-old victim’s right to bodily privacy 48 times by “repeatedly touching her legs, arms, neck and shoulders” while serving as her driving instructor while employed by Lanier Technical College.

Huggins was previously arrested by the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office on Oct. 4, 2016 and was charged with one felony count of sexual assault and one misdemeanor count of sexual battery.

Huggins served as spokesman and part of the command staff for former Sheriff Ted Paxton from 2001-2010, before retiring in 2010 as a captain.

This new complaint states that Huggins made the minor “fearful for her safety” by displaying a pattern of behavior that allegedly included “Explaining the Mann Act,” a federal statute that deals with prostitution and child pornography; referring to “Older guys like me hooking up with young girls”; and telling the minor that she was attractive.

“[The minor] was deprived of her constitutional rights; subjected to mental pain and suffering, distress, anxiety and humiliation,” the complaint states.

After Huggins’ indictment in February 2017, his attorney Rafe Banks III told Forsyth County News that nothing “improper occurred.”

As of press time Thursday, Huggins’ legal representative could not be reached for comment.

Huggins’ criminal case in Forsyth County will be presided over by Superior Court Chief Judge Jeffrey S. Bagley and will be prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Sandra Partridge. Until this Monday, Huggins’ criminal trial was set to begin on Sept. 24, but it has since been pushed to the next court calendar.

This new civil suit will be presided over by District Judge Richard W. Story.