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Man accused of biting second girl
Sheriffs office investigating
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Forsyth County News
For the second time in about seven months, authorities are investigating a complaint that a Forsyth County man has bitten an 8-year-old girl.

Forsyth County Sheriff’s Capt. Frank Huggins declined to release details of the case, but confirmed that Kent Nelson is under investigation for reportedly biting a girl on Sunday.

Nelson was accused of biting a different 8-year-old girl on Aug. 29.

In that incident, Paul Holbrook of Forsyth County said his daughter came home with a bruise on her leg after spending the night with Nelson’s daughter.

The sheriff’s office investigated the matter, but did not charge Nelson.

Holbrook then unsuccessfully sought a warrant against Nelson for battery and cruelty to children in Forsyth County Magistrate Court.

He and his family have since filed a civil suit against Nelson and his wife.

Local attorney Don Singleton, who represents the Holbrooks, said the family is “doing OK.”

“It’s still a very sensitive issue for them,” said Singleton, adding that they “felt like the sheriff’s office and the court system had failed them in the first go-round.”

Singleton said the Holbrooks have asked for “fair and reasonable compensation” in the civil suit, which is still in its early stages.

Neither Nelson nor the attorney representing him in the civil matter could be reached for comment.

During the Magistrate Court hearing in October, Nelson admitted biting Holbrook’s daughter but said it was “horseplay.”

He said he was emulating a scene from the movie “Ghostbusters” and bit his own daughter as well.

Forsyth County Magistrate Pamela Boles dismissed the case because the county in which the alleged incident occurred was not documented.

The case was expected to come up again in November, but the hearing was cancelled at the Holbrooks’ request.