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Man accused of sending sexually explicit messages to 11-year-old girl
Anthony Dwayne Ferguson
Anthony Dwayne Ferguson

HALL COUNTY - A Forsyth County man is accused of messaging an 11-year-old in an effort to lure the girl for lewd and “indecent pictures and sexual acts,” according to authorities.

Anthony Dwayne Ferguson, 51, was charged with electronic enticement of a minor, and he was booked Thursday, Aug. 30, in to the Hall County Jail. Ferguson is being held without bond.

Ferguson was arrested last week, but the case stems from allegations in 2016. Hall County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Derreck Booth said Ferguson was incarcerated in another jurisdiction on unrelated charges.

A family member of the 11-year-old girl contacted the sheriff’s office in June 2016 about sexually explicit messages allegedly sent by Ferguson to the girl. Booth said the two were previously acquainted.

“The extensive investigation revealed that Ferguson’s messages were an effort to seduce, solicit and lure the victim for (lewd) and indecent pictures and sexual acts,” Booth wrote in a news release.

Investigators obtained a warrant in November 2016, but Ferguson has been incarcerated since that time in another jurisdiction.

Booth said most of the messages were apparently sent in May 2016, though there was no estimate on how many messages were sent.

Attorney Brett Willis did not return a request for comment.